WARNING!!! It goes very well in the belly,
when the stomach gnaws emptily,
the tongue shall play in the mouth like a typhoon!


Dear food lover, any order placed through Glovo, Bolt, Tazz, or other dedicated delivery platforms is strictly managed through the service operator's system. If you discover irregularities, seek help directly in the application. We don't run away from responsibility, but you must understand that we are not responsible for order delays or other grievances that strictly concern delivery services. Always check any order upon receipt or pickup to make sure it suits you when you start feasting. If you want to share more with us, please visit the contact page. Until then, may your orders always be stacked and your cravings fully attacked. Dive in and savor every bite!

and a proper dessert... just to have one

bananoffee cup
millefeuille cup
profiterol cup
tiramisu cup

Don't forget! When the food is too good, you also need a drink!